It's known as the Ewww Factor. When a customer in a busy retail center suddenly realizes that they have to use the restroom, they stop shopping and head directly for the toilet. If they open the door and immediately catch a foul whiff or see copious amounts of trash lying on the floor, they may think twice before scheduling a return visit. In fact, they may decide to head out the door on the spot and take their shopping dollars with them. Believe it or not, some businesses can live or die based upon the cleanliness of their restroom.

How Workers Really Feel About the Restrooms at Work

In a recent survey, 25% of surveyed workers were dissatisfied with the condition of the restrooms at their place of employment. While some will use the facilities even if they aren't up to standard, they experience demoralization on the job. Others choose to go the distance and either hike to a distant facility within the building or leave in search of a nearby place to take care of business. The result is reduced productivity and unhappy workers.

Utilize Hands-Free Technology

Bathrooms stay cleaner when multiple hands aren't touching the hardware. Automatic-flush toilets, hands-free soap and sanitizer dispenses, faucets equipped with motion detectors, and automatic on and off hand dryers keep surfaces from becoming contaminated. Believe it or not, the sink is the dirtiest surface in the entire room. Patrons pass reams of bacteria each time that they turn the water on and off. Automation stops the spread of bacteria and keeps the area smelling better too.

Keep It Stocked

Nothing turns a customer off faster than finding that the toilet paper has run out. During busy times, bathroom usage significantly increases. Calculate the amount of supplies needed for a typical day and take the time to fully stock the restroom before the start of business. Statistically, a single roll of toilet paper provides enough material to accommodate 71.48 users before running out. Don't leave user number 72 in the lurch.

Clean It from Top to Bottom

Odors, dust, debris, and bacteria find shelter in unexpected places. Start with ceiling vents and work your way down. Wipe down the tops of stalls as well as tiles and doors on a regular basis. Use a good disinfectant when cleaning anything a person is likely to touch. This includes faucets, sink and door handles, and dispensers. Create a checklist and include every single surface on it. A shiny bathroom is very attractive to users. Since eco-friendly products are required in many locations, take the time to find one that leaves a pleasant after-smell. Many of them work very well at eliminating problem odors.

Schedule Regular Checkups Throughout the Day

Being swamped with customers is no excuse for not scheduling periodic bathroom cleaning throughout the day. Chances are good that businesses that don't maintain a clean and welcoming bathroom won't be busy for the long term. People do comment on the condition of the restrooms when telling a friend about a local business. There will be more positive referrals if everyone feels comfortable walking through the bathroom doors. Especially when the establishment is crowded.

Scrub the Floor

When it comes to bathrooms, mopping everyday simply isn't enough. Germs and bacteria build up within tiles. A commercial cleaning company can bring a machine scrubber into the bathroom and really make it smell fresh. When the floors are clean and shiny, people are less likely to litter and will feel more comfortable with levels of cleanliness throughout the entire establishment. In restaurants, a clean floor is especially important. If the bathroom isn't clean, they will wonder what condition the kitchen is in.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Make use of disinfectants since bacteria contribute to bad odors. People don't always have the best habits and contribute to the problem. Disinfectants will reduce lingering odors and keep the entire facility safer to use. Most customers won't give a business a second chance if they walk into a public restroom and find that it doesn't pass muster with them. When customers find clean facilities, they are pleased at a subconscious level and are less likely to go elsewhere and more likely to return in the future. Bathrooms are the single most used public facility. A clean one can draw customers in, while a dirty one will drive them away.