Double or Triple-layer your can liners

Line your trash cans with two or three bags instead of one. When you empty the can, take out only the top bag and it will immediately be ready to use. You will then have the option of moving on to your next task if you are in a hurry, or if not you can replace the one you just took out. This technique is also useful to prevent leaks from becoming a mess because the lower layers will catch a leak from the top layer.

Remove the air from the liner before attempting to put it in the can

It is common practice to open up the liner before putting it into the can. However, if you do not remove the air from it before putting it in the can it will be like trying to put an inflated balloon through a hole too small. To solve this simply grab the liner with one hand at the closed end, and with the other hand push the air out toward the open end. Then the bag will be deflated and will be easy to drop straight into the can.

Give trapped air under liner a release vent

When you put a new liner in, air will get trapped underneath the can liner and waste room so that it is difficult to fill. To solve this, poke a pen sized hole in the liner near the top inside of the can. This will allow that air to escape. If you are layering you liners be sure to poke the hole through all the layers.

Use an absorbent granular deodorizer

Keep the bottom of the can dry and odor-free. Put a scoop of an absorbent granular deodorizer such as AMRO NB302 Bio-Eco Deodorizing Repellant in the bottom of the can. This will absorb the moisture buildup that often occurs due to humidity trapped below the plastic liners and will make cleanup much easier in the event of a leak.