Gelled Graffiti Remover - VOC Free | 12 ea. Pints

Gelled Graffiti Remover  - VOC  Free | 12 ea. Pints
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World-Wise Certified

This package of 12, 1 pint bottles includes 2 Trigger Sprayers.

This is the safest graffiti remover on the market!

This is the green choice for graffiti removers with a zero VOC rating.  It is made from 100% food grade ingredients yet is strong enough to remove all types of graffiti. It is VOC Free and is formulated with licensed, patented technology that quickly works to clean graffiti. This gelled formula will stick to vertical surfaces allowing this powerful product to break through heavy and multi-layered graffiti. Safely removes spray paint, permanent marker, inks, lipstick, nail polish, crayon and more.

This special patented technology is safer for the environment and the user than other traditional graffiti removers.

  • World-Wise Certified
  • Bio-Based - From Renewable Resources
  • NPE-Free • VOC-Free
  • Petroleum Distillate Free
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Acid
  • Free of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons