All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser | 12 ea. Quarts

All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser | 12 ea. Quarts
All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser | 12 ea. Quarts
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World-Wise Certified


This product is specially formulated to provide great performance as an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for most industrial and institutional cleaning applications. Compared to high pH, butyl-based products, this formulation works as well as, or better than the “old” chemistry, while the World-Wise® Certified formulation makes it both safer in use and for the environment.

Removes greasy soil from kitchen hoods, duct work, light fixtures, stoves, grills, food preparation equipment, walls, floors, restrooms and equipment.

  • Bio-Based all purpose cleaner and degreaser designed to work on the toughest cleaning projects.
  • Safe formula that works better than conventional degreasers.
  • No hazardous components and VOC free.
  • Can be diluted to up 60 to 1.


Appearance: Clear liquid with mild scent
Dilution rate Varies, see label
pH:10.5 - 11.0
Health:1 | Flammability:0 | Physical Hazard:0


Use to cut through grime, grease, wax, oils, soot, pencil, crayon, inks and soils on metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted surfaces, brick, concete, stucco, terrazzo.