Bio-Eco Insecticide

Bio-Eco Insecticide
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Experience Aromatherapy and kill insects at the same time.

AMRO's Bio-Eco Insecticide is a unique blend of all natural and bio-based ingredients that in combination kill insects in 30 seconds. While BIO-Eco Insecticide kills insects, it contains Aromatherapy ingredients such as peppermint oil. Peppermint oil relieves nausea, headache, stress and improves breathing by opening up the bronciles.

Most insecticides release vapors that are harmful to breath. Bio-Eco Insecticide releases vapors that make the air in the room healthier to breath. Providing Aromatherapy while killing insects.

You get the Spa Experience of Aromatherapy when you use Bio-Eco Insecticide to kill insects in 30 seconds.