Cooling Tower Descaler | 6 gallon deltangular

Cooling Tower Descaler | 6 gallon deltangular
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6 gallon deltangular. Includes one spigot.

Save thousands of dollars in energy cost and prolong the life of cooling towers.  Cooling Tower Descaler is a blend of corrosion inhibitors, penetrants and a safer acid alternative for descaling metal and wood surfaces in cooling system applications. It removes rust, lime, hard water deposits, grease and oxidation from surfaces that could be harmed by the more common strong acids such as muriatic, hydrochloric or sulfuric. This formula is also safe for use on galvanized and zinc surfaces.

Do it safely and effectively with American Cooling Tower Descaler. Our environmentally friendly acid:

  • Safe formula will not burn skin.
  • Dissolves calcium carbonate, lime and scale two to three times faster than phosphoric acid products
  • Is much milder to steel, aluminum and skin than traditional acids used in similar products
  • Safe on galvanized and zinc surfaces. 
  • Removes rust, lime, hard water deposits. 
  • Is phosphate-free and contains no VOCs
  • No premixing required.

Cooling Tower Descaler can be left in the system for long periods of time (24 hours) to achieve maximum descaling with minimal corrosion and pitting. Built-in indicator dye notes when the descaling process is complete or when product is exhausted for ease of use without the need to test pH levels.